Bringing home a new family member? Pet insurance may be right for you!

At Pine Tree Vet, we know that bringing home a new family member brings forth many emotions. The joy and happiness from having them home and seeing them learn all about their new surroundings. The stress of adapting to a new schedule that may at times clash with current schedules. One thing that you may not think about is the potential risk of injuries and illness as they continue to grow and live their lives.

Injuries and illness can become quite expensive, especially if it involves surgeries and possible hospitalizations. This is where pet insurance can come in handy. Similar to human medical insurance, pet insurance can cover a portion of the bill after medical procedures and exams. Different companies cover different things, so it is important to research each company and find the best one for you and your new family member.

The following list was compiled by Forbes. Clicking on the logo will redirect you to the website for the specific insurance.


  • Covers 90% of vet fees
  • Covers accidents and illnesses
  • Only five-day waiting period for injuries


  • 90% cash back on all covered vet bills
  • Super-extensive accident & illness coverage
  • Best-in-show service from our pet-obsessed Care Team

Healthy Paws

  • Protect your puppy from 8 weeks old
  • No maximum annual or lifetime pay-outs
  • #1 customer-rated 2010-2021
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Most claims processed within two days


  • Not only does Nationwide cover dogs and cats, but they also cover exotic animals too!
  • Plans starting at $35/mo.
  • Use any vet.