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Dr. Ferguson completed her undergraduate degree in Avian Sciences at the University of California in Davis with a minor in Veterinary Medical Entomology and Nutritional Sciences in 1992. She graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University in 1997. After working in an "exotics only" clinic in San Francisco, California she obtained her Board Certification in Avian Practice in 2003.

Over the past 18 years, Dr. Ferguson has treated a wide variety of companion animals including birds, reptiles, ferrets, rabbits, rodents, and hedgehogs, in addition to cats and dogs. She enjoys consulting with local veterinarians as well as performing advanced diagnostics, treatments and surgery on exotic patients.

In her spare time she enjoys hikin​​g and gardening, as well as spending time with her family and menagerie of pet animals including three horses, three goats, a hawk-headed parrot, three dogs, two cats, twenty or so chickens, four hives of bees, and a salt water habitat filled with reef critters.

Favorite animal: Hummingbird

Dr. Zellar graduated Summa Cum Laude with her undergraduate degree, in Organismal Biology, from Montana State University. She completed her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University.

In addition to cats and dogs, Dr. Zellar enjoys seeing a wide variety of animals including reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, ferrets, rabbits, rodents, and hedgehogs. She has special interests in fish medicine, and is working towards a board certification in reptile and amphibian medicine.

During her veterinary education, Dr. Zellar devoted herself to working with a wide variety of animals, studying at the Exotic and Animal Care Center, in Raleigh, NC, the Bird and Exotic Animal Hospital of Seattle, Burge Bird Services, in Kansas City, KS, and Southwest Animal Hospital, in Portland, OR. She worked with the Denver Aquarium on research in fish anesthesia, and co-founded the CSU Aquatic Animal Medicine Club. She has conducted research in snake vascular disease, avian influenza, pack dynamics in African wild dogs, and foot disease in Asian elephants. Dr. Zellar has also worked extensively in wildlife rehabilitation of birds, reptiles and marsupials, with the Bozeman Raptor Center, in Bozeman, MT, and the Native Animal Rescue Center, in Western Australia.

Off duty, Dr. Zellar enjoys hiking with her dog, Renly, painting, mixed media art, photography, and spending time with her geckos, her frogs and tropical freshwater aquarium.

Dr. Zellar's research publications include:
Zellar A, Olea-Popelka F, Campbell T. A Comparison of Anesthetic Induction and Recovery Time Using Alfaxalone and Tricaine Methanesulfonate (MS-222) in Two Fish Species. J Exot Pet Med. 2018. 27(4): 82-8.
Zellar A, Klaphake E, Han S. Arteriosclerosis and Arteritis in Two Colubrid Snakes. J Exot Pet Med. 2018.

Originally from Lake Forest Park, Washington Dr. LeFevre completed her undergraduate education at Washington State University where she graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Zoology in 2010. Prior to attending school for her doctorate, she did quite a bit of volunteer work with wildlife and shelter animals here in the Northwest. She then went on to attend the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada for her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2014. She then completed a yearlong internship in exotics and emergency medicine in Oceanside, California before coming back to Washington where she worked in a mixed practice for 4 years in the South Sound, seeing everything from snakes and rabbits to goats and horses.

She is very excited to start her new position here at Pine Tree. When she isn't working at the hospital, she enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest by hiking, backpacking, skiing or anything near water from sea kayaking to stand up paddle boarding. She also enjoys video games, board games, and reading. She and her husband love to travel, and she loves lavishing all of her animal adoration on her dog, Orion; a mixed breed rescue from California and her rescue cat Jonesy.

Favorite animal: Loch Ness Monster

Chelsey has been around animals her whole life. She devotes a great deal of her time to taking care of all types of pet companions. She owns multiple snakes, geckos, chickens, ducks, an African grey parrot, a cat, and two dogs. In 2019, Chelsey completed online courses with on-the-job training that qualified her to become a licensed veterinary technician in the states of Washington and California.  In 2020, Chelsey became the Practice Manager and she has loved every minute of it! Her next goal is to obtain her CVPM (Certified Veterinary Practice Manager). 

In her spare time, Chelsey loves to spend time with her friends, family, and her animals. She gravitates toward being outdoors, especially if it involves camping, hiking, or white-water rafting.

Favorite animal:  Alligatoridae Family

Hannah’s love for animals began when she was very young. She was always bringing home animals and convincing her parents to keep them. She has brought home anything from a cat to a baby raccoon. She currently has two parakeets and a big fluffy cat. It was only natural that she started working in the veterinary field in 2017. Hannah is originally from Port Orchard, but until a year ago had enjoyed her time living on Oahu.

When not at work, Hannah enjoys cooking, baking, crocheting, going for long drives, and working on her Jeep. Hannah's goal for the future is to own a homestead with her husband. There she can raise sheep and spin their wool into yarn and she can continue on her crochet projects.

Favorite animal: Whale Shark

Emma, like our other staff members, grew up with a love for a variety of different animals. In 2019, she channeled her love for animals by attending Pima Medical Institute and completing the Veterinary Assistant program. She currently owns an English Bulldog, two cats, and one 3-legged bearded dragon. In the future she hopes to have a house with enough space to have more pets.

When she is not busy tending to her animals, Emma enjoys to read, watch documentaries, and go on road trips.

Favorite animal: Penguin

Bonnie has always had love and compassion for animals of all kinds. As a little girl she was always bringing home strays or trying to convince her parents to adopt "one more" pet.

In her spare time she enjoys quality time with her husband and young son, creating music, and going on outdoor adventures of any kind.

Favorite animal: Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Lexie joined the PTVH team in December of 2021 and has loved every minute of it! Growing up, she constantly surrounded herself with animals of all different shapes, sizes, and species. Throughout high school she was heavily involved with FFA and the equestrian team. She has been riding horses for most of her life. Currently, she owns 2 horses named Norman and Crosby, a bearded dragon named Rango, a Russian tortoise named Rassie, a cat named Ricky, and a dog named Rusty. She has always known that she wanted to work with animals and be apart of something that has an impact on her local community! 

The majority of her free time is spent at the barn training and taking care of her horses. When not at the barn, she can be found enjoying the outdoors! She loves hiking, fishing, trail riding, and camping. When not outside, you can find her binge-watching Netflix with her menagerie of pets!

Favorite Animal: surprise there!  

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Cayle has always been around animals, and when she was little, she decided that one day she was going to become a veterinarian. Cayle obtained her license to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician in 2019 after graduating from Pierce College. She joined the Pine Tree team in 2017. Through the course of her life, she has cared for a small parade of dogs, cats, rabbits, frogs and fish. Currently Cayle ​has Doug (the most adorable golden), Bree and Autumn (bengals), Billy Ray Cyrus the Guinea pig, Maverick and Haku the bearded dragons, Helios the ball python and Toph the rabbit.

Cayle has always had a passion for riding horses and attended horse camps when she was younger. She has also volunteered for Critterqueen Rabbit Rescue, in addition to her constant pet sitting for friends. In her spare time Cayle likes to go on hikes, go camping, walk on the beach or do anything that involves getting outside with her boyfriend or family. She also enjoys photography and cars, so she is always up for going on long drives and discovering new places.

Favorite animal: Cow. 

Tigger, as most people know him, was born Mathew Birch. A Seattle native, he started working professionally with animals in 2000. His passion for animals started as a child visiting his grandparents' farm on Whidbey Island. By his late teens and through his early 20's he was raising rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, and goats, as well as owning ferrets, a California gopher snake, a painted turtle, a black Labrador and several cats. In spring of 1999 he started volunteering at P.A.W.S. Wildlife Center. He enjoyed wildlife rehabilitation so much that upon being hired the following spring he spent most of 6 years there. In 2005, after working with everything from hummingbirds to eagles and opossums to black bear, he started work as a Veterinary Assistant in a mixed practice hospital and continued to work with wildlife on the side. He received both a Veterinary Technicians License and WA Wildlife Rehabilitators Permit in 2010. In addition to working as an LVT, he helped to found South Sound Critter Care Wildlife Center in 2009. He is currently working with Featherhaven Native Songbird Rehabilitation  in Enumclaw, as well as consulting for For Heaven Sake Wildlife Center  in Rochester.

In his off time he enjoys spending time with his wife, children and his current pets, which include the cats Sassy, Willow, and Hermione, a sugar glider named Roo, Merlin the Green-Cheek Conure, and Elva, Fiona, and Skeeter the chickens (known collectively as "the girls").

Favorite animal: Red Fox.

Haley was born and raised in Maple Valley and has lived there her whole life. At a young age she was curious about all the wildlife around her. Her passion for animals started first by gathering small tree frogs and making home-made habitats for them. Later, she began going out of her way to help lost animals find their way home. An animal science class she was taking in school gave her opportunities to become an FFA member, raise and care for farm animals, dissect small reptiles and even castrate bulls! The class inspired a fascination with agricultural science and animal anatomy. Haley's drive to make animals just as happy as they make her, helped her realize that she wanted to work in the veterinary field.

In Haley’s free time, she spends most her days outside working on art projects, going on hikes, camping with family/friends and collecting cool rocks and drift wood along the way.

Favorite animal: Bear.

Kari grew up around a wide variety of animals. She loves helping out all animals as best she can. Currently she is attending Green River College studying math and science. One day she hopes to transfer into College of Engineering at the University of Washington. Kari's dream job would be to work at SpaceX helping get people into space.

To relax, Kari spends time playing video games on her computer, knitting, and reading books. While at home she also loves playing with her cat Ashes and feeding her plenty of treats.

Favorite animal: Tiger.

Malina was born and raised in Enumclaw, Washington. She grew up with a love for animals and learned to care for animals by helping her dad around their farm where he bred cows and kept other animals like goats, chickens, and pigs. She had many pets growing up including dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, or during the summer time, the occasional turtle, frogs, caterpillars, salamanders, and garden snakes found in the forest and pond by her parent's house.

Since starting at Pine Tree, she has fa​​llen in love with veterinary medicine and is going back to school to gain her bachelor's degree. She spends all her free time either hiking with her dog Milo, reading, playing the piano, or hanging out with friends.

Favorite Animal:  Chameleon.

Sammie's passion for animals started at a young age and has continued to grow throughout her life. Her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian is a reflection of her deep love and respect for animals, which was inspired by watching Steve Irwin for many years. Her experience with different types of animals, including dogs, cats, horses, mules, and chickens, has given her a well-rounded understanding of their needs and behaviors. Sammie spent many years volunteering with the Auburn Valley Humane Society. Sammie has several animals at home, including three dogs named Todd Barkley, Winston Bishop and Belle. She also has a cat named Lucy.

In her free time, Sammie enjoys a variety of hobbies including reading, drawing, baking, hiking, playing video games and riding horses. She also enjoys writing as a hobby when she has a free moment.

Favorite Animal:  Gray wolf.  

Sydney has always enjoyed being around animals growing up. Her family was the crazy cat family on the block with as many as four kitties at one point living together. She always enjoyed going to her grandparents property in Eastern Washington where she would help them build their house, care for the land, and see a variety of wildlife along the way. Meanwhile, at home, she was always glued to the TV watching Animal Planet, especially shows like the Crocodile Hunter. Since then, Sydney has been inspired by Steve Irwin who always showed so much love and care towards stigmatized wildlife such as his beloved crocodiles and wanted to care for and protect exotic wildlife in my own way. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in wildlife ecology and conservation in 2021 from WSU and have since then worked and volunteered at a variety of wildlife facilities including Northwest Trek, the Woodland Park Zoo, and the WSU Bear Center. She is now in the process of applying to college to receive further training as a veterinary assistant and eventually veterinary technician. She currently lives in her home town of Tacoma with her long-time partner Stenner, her borador Razzle Dazzle, and her lynx point Siamese Maya. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing video games, and watching anime and movies with her friends. 

Favorite Animal: King Cobra.

Sylvestrie's journey from kennel assistant to veterinary assistant at Pine Tree Veterinary Hospital is a testament to his hard work and dedication. Starting from the beginning, he learned the ins and outs of the hospital's operations and gained valuable experience in caring for animals. As he progressed, he demonstrated a strong work ethic, a willingness to learn, and a natural aptitude for the job. Now, as a veterinary assistant, Sylvestrie plays an integral role in the hospital's daily operations, helping to treat animals and ensuring that they receive the best possible care. His goal is to become a Licensed Veterinary Techincian.

When Sylvestrie is not working at Pine Tree Veterinary Hospital, he loves spending time with his labrador retriever named Ockey and playing basketball.

Favorite Animal:  Ockey.

Felicia has been interested in animals since she was younger and has always wanted to work with them. She’s most familiar with birds, owning multiple growing up, and loves all sorts of animals. Felicia took a liking to agriculture after taking an animal science class, and currently participates in her school’s FFA club. She currently owns quails, a fish, and a Pomeranian. During her free time, she often knits and plays video games while hanging out with her dog. 

Favorite Animal:  Sheep. 

Hope has lived in Maple Valley her whole life. She has always loved animals and wanted to be a veterinarian, but did not get her first pet until 7th grade, a guinea pig named Winnie. Since then, she has gotten many animals! She is currently attending WSU’s pre-veterinary path. She volunteered as a clinic care assistant at Seattle Humane Society, runs her own pet sitting business, and has received three awards through FFA. 

Hope currently has two guinea pigs named S’mores and Ruby, is an older sister to her family’s dog Lily, and raises coturnix quail in her free time. She enjoys hiking, painting, and reading when she is not volunteering or training with her animals.

Favorite animal: Pangolin.  

Kilene has always had a passion for working with animals. At the age of 8, she began participating in both horse and rabbit 4-H, which helped her gain experience in taking care of animals and also learn to teach others about them. In addition, Kilene has also held a special fascination for the earth's oceans. Her career goal is to combine her passion for animals with her love of oceanography by attending Oregon State University and becoming an Aquatic Veterinarian.

Kilene is currently living on a farm with 10 chickens, 2 horses, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a rabbit. In her free time, she loves spending time with her animals and in the summer going free diving in lakes and rivers. But she also loves to write stories, read, play video games, draw, weld, and work in her forge.

Favorite animal: Hammerhead Shark.

Rachael grew up on a farm in Maple Valley and has always been around animals. Whether it was her pet peacock, alpaca, or various other livestock, she has always loved being around animals. After high school, Rachael plans on attending college and then obtaining her .
degree in Veterinary Technology.

 In her free time, Rachael goes for lots of drives and spends time with Roxie her dog as well as her friends and family.

Favorite Animal:  Ducks!

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Ever since her childhood obsession with dinosaurs, Kira has never stopped loving animals, the environment, and science. Rusty, her golden retriever, has contributed a great deal to this everlasting love. She is also incredibly involved in the community and at school, participating in Robotics, We the People, FFA, and Girl Scouts. Kira plans on attending college to obtain a bachelor's degree, and hopefully a Master's or PHD, in animal science and public health to become a Veterinary Epidemiologist. 

Kira loves to spend time with her family (especially her dog!) and friends in her free time, as well as gardening, hiking, video games, and reading. 

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